Tuesday, June 18, 2024

ANGELS: From St. Michael the Archangel to St. Joseph, Unto the Modern Heroes


Presented by Don Marcello Stanzione and Luca Maria Guardabascio
angelsAngels: Our heavenly, dearest friends who never leave us and accompany us in the great little things in our life, always protecting us.

This presentation is aimed to inform you about angels through the writings of the greatest expert on angels in Italy, Don Marcello Stanzione, who is accompanied on his tour by the director and writer Luca Guardabascio.

Through stories and tales, faith, cinema and literature Stanzione and Guardabascio will present an angelic outline; a story from St. Michael the Archangel to St. Joseph, from the Angels of Christmas to Pope Wojtyla and Natuzza Evolo. The authors will also present the contemporary heroes, who often look like angels, sent by God on this earth. In this way, everyone will know best and love the angels of God.
Don Marcello writes “A true friend is recognized in times of sorrow and desolation, and the angel is this friend.”



Thursday, June 5, 6:30PM

Italian American Museum
155 Mulberry Street
(Corner of Grand and Mulberry Streets)
New York, NY 10013

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