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The "Aleramic, Norman-Swabian Ways" Project continues…

The fourth video conference for the programming of the Euro-Mediterranean Federation on the ancient Medieval Migrations and the “Aleramic, Norman-Swabian Ways” Project: at a brisk pace, the meeting between some of the numerous subjects follow one another’s adherents, who are scattered in many countries of the world, and who can thus get to know each other, identify common actions, and prepare a network within the framework of the Federation.
The two-hour discussion talked about the aspirations to develop the double track of the construction of a tourist food, wine itinerary, and historical investigation based on the rigorous research of sources.
During the meeting, Bünyamin Koç from the University of Istanbul, the referent of Turkey, recalled the filming of the documentary in the neighborhood Galata of the city founded by the Genoese. The documentary offers an opportunity to do the point on the imminent end of this powerful process in terms of content and completeness.
The archaeologist, Serena Raffiotta, present as the councilor for culture of the Municipality of Aidone in the province of Enna, expressed the will to join the Federation to share its promotion action for the tourism of the territory in the difficult post-pandemic phase.

Franca Ciantia, a scholar of the Gallo-Italian language, representing the Ecomuseum “I Semi of Demeter “, expressed their hope that the phase of studies will open for Aidone on the possible Aleramic origins, which is still little investigated, confirming then the participation of the inhabitants in the bio-demographic study of the Municipalities Sicilian GalloItalic conducted by the Universities of Bologna and Palermo.
The teachers took stock of this important comparative survey in the University of Palermo, Luca Sineo and Marco Nania stating they completed the complex sampling phase in Montalbano Elicona in waiting for the health situation to allow the resumption of the study of Fondachelli Fantina, the genealogical verification of the candidates will be scheduled of San Fratello, Piazza Armerina and Aidone.  
Filadelfio Crivillaro, who was with Lavinia Garsia, manages the Facebook page “Aleramici in Sicilia”.
Yes, it is a candidate to participate in the study personally by virtue of his Sanfratellani origins” for more than three generations and recalled the recent introduction to San Fratello of the double toponymy in Italian and GalloItalic. Even Piazza, the “city of Aleramic foundation”, is already ready to participate in the DNA study, confirmed by Anna Di Rosa Placa, President of the Club for UNESCO in Piazza Armerina and coordinator of the project with Fabrizio Di Salvo.

Photo: a fascinating medieval scene during the filming of the docufilm “Aleramici in Sicilia” produced and directed by Fabrizio Di Salvo. The medieval costumes of Princess Valentina tailor’s Asti (Italy) by Samantha Panza.

Then, putting the project at the center of his speech national FICLU on the Gallo-Italian, Occitan and Franco-Provençal languages, has among its proponents the club of Piazza Armerina and remembering the Day World of the Mother Language, recently passed, in which UNESCO has underlined the case of Italy, which has 12 linguistic minorities recognized.

The screenshot during the international video conference

The meeting was enriched with many relevant contributions: Lucina Caramella and Pierluigi Piano of the Center for Prehistoric and Archaeological Studies of Varese will participate in the activities of the Federation with specific attention to aspects of religious culture; Vera Pulvirenti, musician and President of the UNESCO Club of Riposto and Giarre, coordinator of the studies on medieval music and musical instruments; Agata Caruso, partner of the Project as President of AIParC in Piazza Armerina; Lucia Giunta, President of the CoPAT consortium, which will take care of tourism promotion; the writer Edoardo Crisafulli, cultural promotion officer al Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cultural Cooperation, currently Director of the Italian Cultural Institute of Kiev; Nadia Ghizzi, promoter of culture in Monferrato and referent of the Project in that territory.
The journalist Esmeralda Rizzo, our press officer, was present at the meeting.
The Federation is enriched with new and convinced adhesions, outlining itself as a reality that draws its strength from linguistic, racial, and cultural diversity.

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