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Mondial Tile Inc.

Mondial Tile, Inc. is an importer and distributor of exclusive ceramic, mosaic tiles, Italian terracotta, granite, marble and countertops for kitchens and baths. They are located at 1402 65th Street in Brooklyn, New York.

Mondial Tile, Inc. was established nearly 40 years ago by Vittorio Campanile. He opened his business thanks to a customer he met while working as an accountant. The customer offered him to go into the gravel business with four brothers; they asked Vito to go to Italy to bring back the materials and he agreed. They all put money in and entered a small business venture. After only one year, the four brothers that had opened the store with Vito decided they did not want to be located in Brooklyn anymore. They left for New Jersey and, sure enough, Vito’s wife, Grazia, decided she would join her husband and help manage the store, even though she was not familiar with the business. When asked why she wanted to do this, Grazia simply said: “I was bored”.

In the beginning, it was a difficult task for everyone; however, they learned quickly. The showroom, located on 65th street and 14th Avenue, is now managed by Grazia, their son Sandro and their two daughters, Rosanna and Daniela.

Daniela describes her father Vittorio as an “olive branch” to the Italian community. He helps his neighbors when needed, since he is bilingual and is able to assist them personally and professionally. The community around him has changed since those early years, but not Mondial Tile. The company still offers the best quality product and is now also a manufacturer of granite and marble, with the main office located right across the street from the showroom, at 1421 65th Street. The Campanile family and Mondial Tile have been the hallmark of their community and showed their outstanding work on the HGTV show This Old House.

Mondial Tile has been a part of L’Idea’s family of advertisers for over 25 years and their outstanding support of the magazine goes to show what passion and commitment they have, not just to the magazine but also to their community.

We would like to thank Mondial Tile.and the Campanile family for their dedicated service to the Italian community and their continued patronage of our magazine.


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