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Italian food export is increasing

Cibus ended with a record amount of visitors and an encouraging message to Italy: food export is increasing and the italian demand is expected to increase again.

17thThe 17th edition of Cibus has finished on May 8th and the results speak clearly: the international food fair held in Parma every other year was a great success. The final data confirm the record amount of 67000 visitors, which is an increase of 12%, 2700 exhibitors and 950 accredited journalists. The amount of foreign buyers shows an increase as well: a total of 12000, 1000 more than in 2012. The development of the fair is visible in the increased amount of exhibitors as well: 2100 in 2010, 2300 in 2012, 2700 in 2014.

food2“A success we have hoped and worked for –commented Elda Ghiretti, Cibus Brand Manager – since we had prepared this edition thoroughly. The presence of more foreign buyers, for instance, is the result of Cibus Market Check (initiative involving Italian food companies travelling abroad to meet foreign distributors) and of our cooperation with other international food fairs. The strategy aimed at the export market has been an exclusive Cibus initiative. We also invested a considerable amount to ensure the presence of key international buyers.”

The Director of Fiere di Parma, Franco Boni, shares her enthusiasm: “Our efforts have eventually paid off. Italian food companies show an increasing confidence in further export growth.”

Cibus took place in a favourable moment for the Italian food sector, that saw a slight recovery in internal demand in the first months of 2014, combined with an overall optimism in the country and great expectations for the upcoming EXPO2015 (World’s Fair to be held in Milan in 2015). Italian food companies will take part to EXPO2015 thanks to the 7000 m2 large exhibition hall “Federalimentare4Expo” sponsored by Federalimentare and Fiere di Parma.

asiago6“The Italian food sector is very fond of Cibus and of our EXPO initiative – stated Antonio Cellie, CEO at Fiere di Parma – the growth of exhibitors and visitors, the internationalisation trend and high quality of the fair, together with the presence of the Italian minister Martina and deputy minister Calenda, confirmed our role. We are the reference platform for marketing of food made in Italy and its developments worldwide.”

The message coming from the 17th edition of Cibus is clear: the recovery in the Italian market is possible (as seen during the launch of hundreds of new products) as it is possible to invest more in export activities. A research presented during Cibus showed that, potentially, the Italian export market can grow from 26 to 70 billion EUR in the next ten years. Financial and governmental support to Italian companies and the fight against counterfeiting abroad will be key to ensure sustainable results. Both the Italian Minister of Agricultural Politics, Maurizio Martina, and the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, committed to support these initiatives.


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