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jackstanky1An Italian comic book featuring an American law enforcement officer as its superhero will soon be available in the United States: “Jack Stanky and the Adventures of Ultra Stanky.” Title character Jack Stanky is a 30-year-old Los Angeles police officer who is short and a bit clumsy in solving cases, but intuitive, intelligent and with a great sense of humor. And he has super-charged donuts to give him superpowers. Italian comic book creator and designer Giuseppe “Jo” Cafaro (http://jo74.altervista.org/) has always been a fan of American police films. He first got the idea for Jack Stanky when he was a boy watching the Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop movies with his dad. Cafaro dreamed one day his character would be as popular as Mel Gibson’s “Martin Riggs” and Eddie Murphy’s “Axel Foley.” Now, Darklight Studios is releasing “Jack Stanky and the Adventures of Ultra Stanky” in English in the U.S. so Americans can follow the fictional officer’s exploits. In the comic book, Officer Stanky derives his super powers from eating special donuts. The hole of each donut contains a special substance created by a scientist friend who obtained a secret formula extracted from part of a meteor. Once Officer Stanky’s eaten one of the donuts, a secret device placed under his badge activates his invincible powers to fight crime, and he’s transformed into Ultra Stanky. He has only 30 minutes until he runs out of this power, unless he eats another special donut.


n early comic strip by Joker (Giuseppe Cafano) that appeared on L'Idea Magazine in 2002.
An early comic strip by Joker (Giuseppe Cafaro) that appeared on L’Idea Magazine in 2002 (the text included in the bubble says: Oh, my God, they discovered us!)

Superhero Officer Stanky’s partner is Pretty Lizabet J (aka Ultra J), an intelligent beautiful blonde who relies on her brains to solve problems. She also transforms by eating the supercharged donuts. However, if she eats a second donut she loses control and becomes violent and dangerous (apparently excess calories have something to do with this effect); she remains transformed for more than 30 minutes. Fortunately, Officer Stanky is able to stop the villains he confronts… with the help of Pretty Lizabet J and some supercharged donuts, of course. For more information contact Darklight Studios Publisher Vince White at http://willpowercomic.com Comic book script by Deborah Pellegrino: http://www.lascarabocchia.blogspot.com/ Art cover by Eros Righetti: www.comicomix.com


Note from the Editor: Joe Cafaro, also called “Joker” has been a columnist and illustrator for our magazine for various years and has produced a wonderful series of comic strips and articles. As a matter of fact, Jack Stanky (at that time called Stanky Jack) was a guest on our pages in the early 2000s nad was well received by the readers. We therefore wish him as whole lot of success in this new endeavour.

The staff of L'Idea Magazine in 2004, at the 30th Anniversary of this periodical, as seen by Joker (Joe Cafano)
The staff of L’Idea Magazine in 2004, at the 30th Anniversary of this periodical, as seen by Joker (Joe Cafaro)

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