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Fancy Talk: National Puerto Rican Day Parade/ An Interview with Adriano Espaillat

 Article by Viola Manuela Ceccarini

SUNDAY JUNE 10th: Every year, the NPRDP hosts a series of public events leading up to the culmination of the Parade on Sunday  June 11, 2017.  their events and programs that are designed to celebrate and advance Art, Culture and Education in the Puerto Rican community, both in Puerto Rico and the mainland U.S.

Click on the image to see the FUNNY MOMENTS of the  Puerto Rican Day Parade

The Puerto Rican Day Parade (also known as the National Puerto Rican Day Parade) takes place annually in the United States along Fifth Avenue in the Manhattan Borough of New York City . The parade is held on the second Sunday in June, in honor of the nearly four million inhabitants of Puertoi Rico  and all people of Puerto Rican  birth or heritage residing in the mainland U.S.

The parade attracts many celebrities, both Puerto Rican and of Puerto Rican heritage, and many politicians from the Tri-State area.

The parade marches along Fifth Avenue from 44th Street to 86th Street and has grown to become one of the largest parades in New York City, with nearly two million spectators annually making it one of the largest outdoor events in the United States.

ViVi was marching with the boricuas on their special day, singing their songs and interviewing great artists and celebrities, watch the video if you want to know more…

Click on the image to see the video of the interview of Sen.. Adriano Espaillat


Photos and Video by Paulo Mizquiri

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