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Celina Cruz: the talented Nicaraguan singer aims to empower Latinas worldwide!!

Interview by Viola Manuela Ceccarini

Meet the beautiful Celina Cruz, an up and coming Latin singer born in Nicaragua and at a young age migrated with his family from Central America to Canada to start a better life in Vancouver.
To say Celina has been singing her entire life would be an understatement.   
Before she could walk, sing or even shaking her head back and forth, Celina was entertaining her grandmother by singing “El pelo suelto” by Gloria Trevi.   
But who’s really Celina Cruz? Let’s discover together this talented Nicaraguan artist from Vancouver.
From her humble beginnings to the exciting adventure before her, Celina Cruz aims not just to share her music with the world, but also to touch the lives of many through her artistry, and to    share a sense of pride with her voice, not just as any woman, but as a Latin woman.

L’Idea: When and why did you start singing professionally?
Celina Cruz: I started singing professionally not too long ago, around March of 2017. I have always had a passion for singing, but things in life always seemed to get in the way. Nevertheless, I always surrounded myself with people that could guide me in my musical career. There finally came a point when I said enough was enough, and I decided to just go for it and pursue it fully!

L’Idea: Do you write your own songs?
Celina Cruz: Yes and no, haha! Songwriting is not my strong suit, but luckily I have a strong team that I can rely on and I am constantly improving my songwriting skills. In fact, my latest single “No Vuelvas Mas” I am proud to say that I wrote the lyrics for. The package of being an artist is multi-layered, and it will be a lifelong journey of constant learning and evolving.

L’Idea: Is your family into music?
Celina Cruz: I have been surrounded by music my entire life. I remember as a little girl in Nicaragua my grandfather learning to play the guitar on his own, and listening to him play and sing. When I moved to Canada I would go to church with my family and music was and is a big part of our worship. Back in Nicaragua I have a huge extended family, many of which are well known musically. I recently connected with a cousin of mine, Luis Enrique, whose music I have listened to for many years. I became aware of our family connection not too long ago, and on a recent trip to Miami I was able to connect with him!

L’Idea: Which singer/musicians do you admire the most? Why?
Celina Cruz: Well, like many Latinas growing up, Selena was a huge inspiration. I always loved her music, of course, but it was her carefree spirit that I admired. It made me believe that there was nothing wrong with just being you. She definitely wasn’t perfect, yet she didn’t let that hold her back. Another strong influence in my life recently has been Afo Verde, CEO of Sony Music Latin. I have been fortunate enough to call him a friend, and he has selflessly imparted so much knowledge and guidance into me. He has taught me much about the music industry as a whole, and about what it takes to become a successful artist.

L’Idea: Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

Celina Cruz: Ha ha, well old is subjective, depending on whom you ask. And being young myself, ahem, my old may not be that old. But ya, I always loved listening to Antonio Aguilar, Vicente Fernandez, and Pedro Infante. My dad would always listen to their records and I can honestly say that it made me love rancheras to this day!

L’Idea: How often and for how long do you practice?
Celina Cruz: Well, I’ve never taken vocal lessons, which is something I know I’ll eventually have to get into, because I know how much work it takes to be touring. So my practice right now happens when I’m going into the studio to record, or if I have a performance.

L’Idea: What do you practice – exercises, new tunes, hard tunes, etc.?
Celina Cruz: I practice so I don’t mess up my own lyrics! And my Spanish isn’t the greatest either, so I have to practice certain phrases in songs that are hard for me to pronounce. Whenever we write a new song, I usually lay down a quick demo of how the lyrics and melody go. Then I’ll practice the song so that I can go into the studio and record my parts the best I can.

L’Idea: How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?
Celina Cruz: Being a singer/ artist is so much more than just singing a song. Like I said before, being an artist is multi-layered. I am doing photo shoots, writing sessions, recording sessions, interviews, social media campaign, connecting with radio and TV, attending industry events, among many other things. It’s a life commitment. Something that I learned quickly is that if I really want this life, I have to give it all I have. And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. So I don’t know where the balance is, I just do what needs to be done. Of course, I make time for the people in my life that are important, as that helps to keep me grounded.

L’Idea:  What advice would you give to beginners and upcoming artists who are nervous before a performance?
Celina Cruz: Take 2 shots of tequila! Ha ha! And try and go to a place where you know will calm you down. Always remember that you’re there doing what you love! There’s no greater feeling than that. I always get nervous before a performance; my heart starts racing, I gotta pee, you name it! But something happens as soon as I hit the stage. All the nerves go away and I feel like that’s exactly where I’m meant to be. On stage I am free to be the artist, Celina Cruz.

L’Idea: Upcoming projects?
Celina Cruz: There are lots of things coming up, some of which I can’t give too many details to, yet. But I have been collaborating with some very talented people, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new music coming out. I can tell you that I will be performing at one of the biggest events in Nicaragua this coming August at Las Fiestas Patronales. It’s a huge event that happens throughout all of Nicaragua and is transmitted throughout all of Central America. Make sure to follow me on social media to get all the latest updates.

L’Idea: Where can we find your songs and listen to your music?
Celina Cruz: IG: @celinacruzofficial Shapchat: @celinacofficial FB: @celinacruzofficial Twitter: @celinacofficial iTunes: You can also find my music on Spotify, Google play, Tidal, Deezer, and all other digital media platforms.

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