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April 25th Is Liberation Day In Italy

By Joseph M. Calisi ©2021 All Rights Reserved

Rome, Italy, April 25, 2021

In Italy, April 25th is ‘Liberation Day’ (Anniversario della Liberazione d’Italia), the day Nazi Germany got kicked out of Italy towards the end of World War II by the Allies. It is also called the Anniversary of the Resistance (Anniversario della Resistenza) and the end of the fascist regime in Italy.

In history, shortly before April 25th, there was a general strike that infuriated the Nazis, causing them to select 133 strikers to be sent to death camps in Germany by wagon train.

April 25th was selected as a national holiday in 1946 because, during that week, Bologna (April 21), Genoa (April 23), Milan (April 25), Torino, and Venice (April 28) were liberated by the Allies. It is a national holiday that’s regarded as a day off for the general population. In general, schools and most businesses are closed.

Sandro Pertini and Corrado Bonfantini Liberation Day (April 25th, 1945) in Milano

Three years later on May 27th, 1949, April 13 was permanently made a national holiday that is celebrated now with food, parades, political rallies, and other public gatherings taking place in many places in Italy.

About a month later on June 2nd, the monarchy was voted out by the Italian government in favor of a national republic through a national referendum.

Joseph Calisi
Joseph Calisi
International Transportation Photojournalist and Syndicator of News Stories and Images Since 1993 TV credits include Telly Award finalist (11-minute documentary on the last days of mainline steam trains in the world in China) and NY Emmy Award nominee for a news magazine story on the 75th anniversary of NY’s IND subway.

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