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Paolo Antonio Paschetto between Deco and Art Nouveau: Two Events in Rome

paolo_antonio_paschetto_artista_grafico_e_decoratore_tra_liberty_e_deco_largeOn the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Paolo Antonio Paschetto, painter, designer, illustrator and author of the sketch of the coat of arms of the Italian Republic, a series of events in various locations are dedicated to his work. In Rome, there will be two different but contemporaneous exhibitions, one sponsored by Roma Capitale at the Casino dei Principi in Villa Torlonia on Paschetto as a painter and decorator, one promoted by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism at the National Institute for Graphics, dedicated to the emblem of the Republic and to his graphic works.

Paolo Antonio Paschetto

Paschettomanifesto-liberty-mediumThe exhibition Paolo Antonio Paschetto. Artista, grafico e decoratore fra liberty e déco at the Casino dei Principi, the first monographic exhibition held in Rome since 1938, based on the rich unpublished material stored by the artist’s family in Torre Pellice, will present the public the little-known figure of an important artist who worked in Rome in the first half of the XX century, and who had a successful career as an artist decorator even after the proclamation of the Italian Republic, of which he designed the official emblem adopted on 5 May 1948.

Through its various sectpaschetto_4ions dedicated to the great secular and religious cycles of paintings, his art nouveau decorations, objects, windows, his graphic production, the exhibition aims to revive the versatile artist’s work, showing all the fields and techniques he mastered.

Paolo Antonio Paschetto. Artist, designer and decorator between Deco and Art Nouveau
Location:  Musei di Villa Torlonia,  Casino dei Principi
Opening hours: February 26, – September 28, 2014 Tuesday-Sunday: 9.00-19.00;

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