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The Lady Or The Tiger: The Young Man Must Choose

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7 May 2017


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The Lady Or The Tiger: The Young Man Must Choose

costarellaReview by  Tiziano Thomas Dossena

In a smooth and exciting style, Linda Costarella presents us a story that is meant to be the continuation of Frank R. Stockton’s “The Lady or the Tiger”. Brief and to the point, this story qualifies as a ‘fable’ in its narration, contents and morality undertones. Young people of every age (that is, if you are young at heart you qualify) will love the way the author develops Stockton’s premises into an exciting and surprising story of its own, with a king who lost his integrity and a princess who will do everything to save her love. Death sentences and trickery, escapes and captures, fear and love pervade the rhythmic and enjoyable course of events that make this enchanting story a delight to read.

The story is linear but will probably still find you off guard in certain moments and the final outcome is one of profound satisfaction at the simple but genial evolutions fashioned by Ms. Costarella. That the story was written by a teacher is confirmed by the appearance of a glossary at its end, reflecting the notes at the bottom of the pages and making it a viable teaching instrument for educators of young adults. The appealing illustrations were not created for the book, but accomplish their job anyway and may further stimulate the readers’ fantasy while keeping their attention focused on the flow of the story.

Linda Costarella

Linda Costarella

An interesting book that I am sure will be soon complemented by further ones by this appealing writer who seems to have found a way to write fables in this technological and globalized world of today and still make them engaging.

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