Sunday, August 7, 2022

New Startup Italian Airline Is In The Works In Europe

By Joseph M. Calisi ©2022 All Rights Reserved

Italy, March 7, 2022 –

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a couple of Italian Airways turn into dust on the tarmacs of yore – Alitalia and Blue Panorama.

Last year we saw the rise of Ita Airways in 2021 and we’re promised a second new entry, Aeroitalia, and they’re hiring but for Italian territorial services only sometime in 2022.

Their first plane will be a Boeing 737-800 that’s currently owned by Macquarie AirFinance and is being repainted from an Ex-Blue Panorama Airlines blue livery to a white fuselage with the classic green, white and red paint and Aeroitalia stenciled in below the window line. The plane originally flew under South African Airways in 2001. Aviation specialist Francesco Gaetano Intrieri was a former advisor to the Minister of Transport from 2018 to 2019.

Pictured is the first of 6 Boeing 737-800 jets that will all carry the inspirational livery that inspires Italian art and style.

The airline is looking for staffing at all levels from the ground up in the coming months at:

Joseph Calisi
Joseph Calisi
International Transportation Photojournalist and Syndicator of News Stories and Images Since 1993 TV credits include Telly Award finalist (11-minute documentary on the last days of mainline steam trains in the world in China) and NY Emmy Award nominee for a news magazine story on the 75th anniversary of NY’s IND subway.

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