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THE SKY IN A ROOM… Voices of women from all over the world

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21 April 2020


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THE SKY IN A ROOM… Voices of women from all over the world


 Women write…

A new blog, created and run by my dear friend and contributor to the magazine Marina Agostinacchio, a poetess from Padova, is born! 

We send out an appeal to our women readers to post their thoughts on it, whether in Italian, English, Spanish or German.

The blog, in its opening page, states:

This is meant to be the space to deposit our voices in a reference of concentric circles. A room where the rainbow is always reborn as soon as we know how to listen through writing. “The voices are the most diverse, from the hairdresser to the scholar, from the housewife to the integrated …
but I would like the tour to widen. So I thought of the Voices of women from all over the world.
The blog, in fact, also has versions in English, French, Spanish, German.
Thus, I invite you, women of USA, to engage in a dialogue with Italy; all of us truly, from all parts of the world, find ourselves in a difficult but united life crossing..
Every day I always open and read new words, stories, sentences, stories, reflections, poems … an incredible chorus of voices!

We are therefore glad to offer this opportunity to our women readers who, in a moment in time such as the one we are living, with this terrible pandemic that is threatening our lives and livelihoods, may want to express and share their thoughts, fears, feelings, analysis and comments on this wonderful blog…

Go and leave your thoughts now at Il Cielo in una Stanza/ The sky in one room


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